Committed to our Community

Hard Work

Growing up my mom owned 8th Street Taco House and my father was a police officer for thirty years. From them, I learned the value of hard work and giving back to my community. 

Local Commitment

I attended local schools. My husband, Phil, and I bought our first house here over 20 years ago. We raised our boys in the community and have always stayed engaged. Soccer, baseball, football – you name it, we were there. Coach, scorekeeper, cheerleader, or team mom! I loved it.

Forged in tragedy

Three weeks before graduating from Rio Linda High School, my best friend was raped and murdered by the school janitor who was a paroled ex-convict.  I found myself talking to news reporters, demanding answers from the school boards and elected officials. I am proud of my work with then State Senator Deborah Ortiz to help pass a tough new law called “The Michelle Montoya School Safety Act” that required background checks for school employees and volunteers. This experience taught me that our elected leaders can be a strong voice and make a difference.

Small Business Owner

For years I have been the owner of a local small business.  Working as a local realtor I know every neighborhood in this district. As the President of the Natomas Chamber of Commerce I know that small businesses are the lifeblood of our community. As we navigate through this pandemic, we need to continue to help our local businesses. This will be a priority of mine on the City Council.

Challenges and Opportunities

Every neighborhood in Sacramento is facing challenges – like increased homelessness. Many of us know a friend or family member who has faced this challenge.  Crime is on the rise – thefts off our porch or mailboxes being broken into. Ensuring affordable housing for new families. Converting the old Sleep Train Arena into a job creator is a tremendous opportunity and will have my focus as we move forward. 

I have called Natomas home for over 40 years and I hope to see my kids live here one day. My pledge is to support policies that help Natomas thrive and keep our communities safe. I would be honored to have your support.